Friday, April 6, 2012

Morning Muttering

It’s a great morning I almost got to sleep in till 7 lol. I did not stay up all night reading though finally got some sleep though. Instead of reading yesterday I tried to talk myself into not buying or borrowing a book until I’m done with the three I’m reading. Does anybody else have the compulsive problem to just buy and buy because you really want to read these books but always end up with more books than you have time to read. I have over 50 books in my tbr pile right now so I’m trying to be a good girl and just add books to my wish pile until I get the pile down. I've tried this hundreds of times and so far I do not think I have ever really been successful. There is just something about books I can't seem to say no. I always want more more more. How about you how big is your list, are you a compulsive book buyer?


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