Saturday, April 14, 2012

Not My Daughter by Barbara Delinsky

Title: Not My Daughter
Author: Barbara Delinsky
Genra: Literature
Number of Pages: 450

From Publishers Weekly: Delinsky proves once again why she's a perennial bestseller with this thought-provoking tale of three smart, popular teenage girls who make a pact to become pregnant and raise their babies together. Lily, Mary Kate, and Jess also happen to be the daughters of best friends Susan, Kate, and Sunny, and the mothers are thrown into a tailspin by this unexpected news. Susan, the principal of the town's high school, has the most to lose, when the schools superintendent and editor of the local newspaper question her abilities as a leader and mother, and other parents prove quick to blame her—a single mother herself who got pregnant as a teenager—as a poor role model. But all three women must come to grips with where they failed as mothers, how the dreams they had for their daughters are disappearing, and scathing smalltown judgment. Timely, fresh, and true-to-life, this novel explores multiple layers of motherhood and tackles tough questions.

My 2 cent: Once again Delinsky has wrote a book that makes me appreciate my mother and hope I never have to face anything the characters go through. You never know what the characters of this book are going to face as the days go on but friendships and strong family bonds see them through all the hardships that a pregnancy pact has dealt them with. This book is a new favorite of mine, it seems like every Delinsky book becomes one.


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